Franceska Banga

Chief Executive

Franceska Banga


Franceska Banga has been Chief Executive of the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund since 2001 and is responsible for all aspects of the oversight of NZVIF’s operations.

Over the last nine years, she has led the establishment of a full fund of funds venture capital investment business at NZVIF. She has direct and deep knowledge of how to execute and manage a portfolio of private equity funds, from manager selection, through to contract negotiation, and ongoing monitoring and management of these funds. NZVIF has now invested in over 100 companies – indirectly through venture capital funds and directly through co-investments alongside angel investment groups. She chairs NZVIF’s investment committees for the Venture Investment Fund and Seed Co-investment Fund.

Through the establishment of NZVIF, and its investment, NZ’s success in establishing a world-class venture capital structure combining private markets and public investment is internationally recognised.

Franceska has a wide knowledge of Australasian venture capital and private equity markets. Through her role with the industry, she has been a key figure in public policy development on issues such as limited partnerships legislation, tax, and public-private partnerships, as well as being a member of NZ’s Capital Markets Development Taskforce.

Prior to the establishment of NZVIF, Franceska was responsible for advising the NZ Government on a range of strategic investment issues. Previous roles include: Chief Strategist for the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology; Director for the NZ Treasury (responsible for health sector investment); and Senior Advisor, Reserve Bank of NZ.

Franceska has an Honours degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Auckland, NZ.

Other Appointments

Chair of NZVCA 2008-10

Member of the Capital Market Development Taskforce 2008/09

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