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Wireless Power Technology

PowerbyProxi was established in 2007 to commercialise wireless power technology pioneered at The University of Auckland to eliminate the need for physical cables when transferring power.

PowerbyProxi is a play on the words “Power by Proximity” reflecting our vision that surfaces, not sockets will deliver power to all of our digital devices.

01  /  Innovation

PowerbyProxi was borne out of the world renowned wireless power research centre at The University of Auckland.

Fady Mishriki sought to commercialise this research and entered the Spark (now Velocity) entrepreneurship challenge in 2003, finishing as runner up and securing initial investment to develop the technology, leading to incorporation of PowerbyProxi in 2007.

John Deere became the first major customer for PowerbyProxi in 2007, which lead to the company's first exclusive licensing agreement with The University of Auckland for further commercialization of the technology in key industrial markets.

With angel and venture backing led by Movac Partners (including Ice Angels, NZVIF and Evander Capital from New Zealand and technology giants like Samsung and TE Connectivity), PowerbyProxi has built the largest and most valuable IP portfolio in the industry (over 350 patents) and offer the most advanced wireless power products on the market that enable our customers to solve complex problems safely and reliably.

PowerbyProxi designs and develops safe, high efficiency and high density wireless power technology.

We take our technology to market through licensing partnerships in consumer electronics markets and direct end product sales in non-consumer electronics markets. We solve mission-critical problems in demanding, hostile industrial environments where the delivery of consistent power is imperative.

Our designs and IP is used in many consumer and non-consumer applications around the world by some of the world’s largest companies.